Gospel Conversation Tips & Resources

“Tell me, so that I may believe in Him.” (John 9:36)

  • Gospel Conversation Tip # 1: Plan ahead. Know what you are going to say.
  • Gospel Conversation Tip # 2: Be prepared. Practice what you are going to say ahead of time.
  • Gospel Conversation Tip # 3: Plan ahead. Read your Bible. Go to church. Know your stuff.
  • Gospel Conversation Tip # 4: Be prepared. Pray for the Lord to give you wisdom and words when the opportunity presents itself.
  • Gospel Conversation Tip # 5: Know your role. You deliver the message. God will take it from there.
  • Gospel Conversation Tip # 6: You are not responsible for how someone does – or doesn’t - react to the Gospel message.  Your job is only the messenger.
  • Gospel Conversation Tip # 7: Be OK with questions, and OK with answering “I can’t explain it, but I know it’s true and here’s why…” 
  • Gospel Conversation Tip # 8: Don’t over-promise in order to make the ‘sale’.  Life is hard…and it can be done with Jesus or without Him. It’s a choice.
  • Gospel Conversation Tip # 9: Get comfortable praying with someone. It doesn’t have to be fancy.  It just has to be real.
  • Gospel Conversation Tip # 10: Proceed with boldness and humility.
  • Gospel Conversation Tip # 11: Embrace the awkwardness. Make it part of the conversation.
  • Gospel Conversation Tip # 12: Get a Convo Buddy so you can encourage and pray for each other on the mission.
  • Gospel Conversation Tip # 13: Know the other person's worldview so you can be ready with the gospel counter.
  • Gospel Conversation Tip # 14: Plan for the chance of "what's next?" (e.g., reading recommendation, meet again, church invite)


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And here are some great outside, free resources we found for having effective and meaningful Gospel Conversations.  Check them out!

"3 Circles Gospel Conversation" from Lee Heights Baptist Church, Florence, AL 

https://www.leeheights.org/3-Circles from http://lifeonmissionbook.com/conversation-guide 


“How to Start a Spiritual Conversation with One Word”                        Written by Melody Copenny at Cru https://www.cru.org/us/en/train-and-grow/share-the-gospel/evangelism-principles/how-to-start-a-spiritual-conversation-with-one-word.html 


“When Your Gospel Conversation Turns Awkward” by Mike Puckett at https://ncbaptist.org/when-your-gospel-conversation-turns-awkward/